About Giftcard Captain

Giftcard Captain surely has sailed some rough seas!

We started back in 2017 and yes - we have learned all the Do's and Dont's while being in this business. Yes, we indeed have lost lots of money while sailing the sea of giftcards and learned it all in a hard way. This is why we started this website - to offer you the best value for your dollar without compromizing your wallet by minimizing the risks of the sea of giftcards. Let the giftcard captain be your guide while sailing these seas!

How we work?

We aquire our giftcards from various sources across the internet - like you would if you would try to by them by yourself. Anyone can sell the giftcard but it doesnt mean the card will be good when you really need it. We all hate the feeling when paying at the checkout and the card has miracelously lost the balance on the way - this is and will always be the risk of buying giftcards from third party. 

Look at us like Tinder for the giftcards - you swipe the offer you like to the "right" and it is your responsibility to spend it in the given timeframe. This is the period where we stay responsible for our cards and offer you a full refund if the satisfaction is not guaranteed. Once the redemption period has expired, the card may still be good forver, but it means the risk is on your side.

Where we get our giftcards?

We have various sources that supply us with daily fresh codes - pawnshops, users across the US, giftcard merchants and so on. All cards are validated for the balance and we stay for our words. You love our service once you give us a try!

Why use giftcard captain?

We take away all the hassle from buying the giftcards from the market and deliver you access to amazing discounts without any risk. The discount can be anything from 10-50% depending of the brand, season and demand. We take our cut from seller and you never see a hidden fees or unexpected loss of balance while you sail with us.

How I pay?

You deposit money safely to your giftcardcaptain account balance that you can use to buy our daily giftcards. You can choose the brands you like the most and you sit back and wait for our amazing offers. Depending on the brand and offer you can enjoy up to 50% discounts on given brands we work with. We try hard to deliver each brand at least few suitable offers every day that you may like.

Why not to save money while on the road - on anything - hotels, food, fuel, clothes, home improvement, shoes, bags, jewelry. Get instant discount and pay only cents for every dollar you normally would. Stop cutting out the vouchers from the local magazine and get the discounts without an hassle.

Giftcardcaptain is here to offer you the best price for dollar to support anything you may need in your lifestyle!